COWGIRLS…………………….when they cry


☣☤ COWGIRL’S… when we cry

so COWGIRL”S,  What a breed of women. The most level headed of the species of women, the cowgirl is low lying when she’s being lied to, she is the funneist of all comidieans there is.

                 and when she is mad, awe, nothing to worry about, she is harmless……………….or is she?


             the Cowgirl was raised with boy’s and a hard hearted man she called her father, and she never had many “girl Friends” growing up, she was  and  still is a bit of a loner, she isn’t sure what is really proper and what is normal.

                     she loves music…LOUD.!! she can throw a bale of hay further than the boys in town that’s for sure. her horse makes her the happiest she ever could be. She is complacated all the time, sometimes she dont understand her self.


          now daddy, he says she can’t date till she’s 30, and wearing makeup perfume and dresses, well thats for the high society ladies there in new york and in miami fl. the kinds of ladies she swears she never wants to be,,,, { except those few summer night’s when she’ll lay in the pasture looking at the moon wondering if the lights in new york look like the moon she is looking at now.


       BUT………………….. SHE DON’T CRY!!  you can’t see her heart, she has it packed away, and often wonders why she has done it. then one day, she explodes, she dont want to be that “nice” girl everyone see’s in church  and baby sitting at the county fair. .. she wonders what it feels like to have a kiss from a boy, have his warm breath on her neck, just like all the things she’s read about, seen in the movies, heard in songs, and often dreamed about in the pasture while mesmorizsed by the moon, them days are soon to be over. I wonder is this where she looses her goodness for the fire she feels inside. she wonders what is this she feels just all at once, and why…. …

          i was that COWGIRL, then one day…….

               I CRIED,

everyone has a story

    this one is mine, ..                       4:37am


About cricketmh

51 Years Old, Born In So.Central Kansas, Did farm and Rodeo'd , Have 3 Girls, 32,30,26.... Drove a Cattle Truck { Semi } for many years, Went to Federal "Vacation" for almost 5 yrs, Released in Nov, 2011. Met my husband January 2012, and we was married July 2012. I am 5 yrs older than him ;) So I have a lil bit of "Outlaw" in me......."still".....? Follow Me!!!
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