COWGIRL’S……………………. they do cry

robert-dawson-a-moment-s-restSO YEA…. NEW YORK,  Not much real estate there but alot of people. I mean a hell of alot of people.California, hey it has alot of real estate, but way way to many people for sure.

I lay here alot at night and look at the stars, I hear the wind as it gently goes thru the trees, I hear the cattle snuggleing in the grass and call it a day, If only the city people could come here and hear what i hear, NOTHING. ..

I look at my watch and think i should go to the house before dad worries about me, im 15 and i know this ranch as if i had been here 50 years,  then at a distance i hear the loud muffler of Tommy Pace’s pickup, he is dating Marilyn Jacoboy, every night about this time he drives down our road and they park , and yeap, “make out” ! GROSS!!  Strange how I call hem lovers, they are my age. I can wait, I will wait, I want to be here on thee farm , daddy needs me!! 

As I am walking towards the farm i walk by the horse barn, and my younger brother Kenny and his weed head friend’s are smoking pot.  I storm around the front of the barn open the tack room door and screamed  “Kenny!! YOU AND YOUR STONED NOSE FRIENDS ARE GOING TO MAKE THE HORSE’S ….AHH HIGH OR SOMETHING””!! They all had that look on their faces and said ” DUDE  MY SISTER MUST BE HIGH !”. I swear he was adopted !!. So I ease into the front door and my dad is asleep in his ez chair,  Jeffery one of my oldest brother who is a twin with Johnny Lee, who is a “Cowboy” ropin at a rodeo somewhere tonight. I rodeo to , but my horse don’t have his heart in it. Besides that Daddy can’t afford for me to Rodeo to, Jeffery is a Football player , so he and Johnny are seniors this year, and OMG !  I will be a Jr. That means the PROM !! But  I can’t go, with my 2 older brothers there, I dont stand a chance, Besides that …”A DRESS”?.. IT ISNT ME !!  I’m not a New York Lady or Miami Florida Sex Kitten…thats what they look like. I head upstairs and stop and check on Barkus the youngest of us all, he was 1 when Mom died, He’s 6 now, and he misses her, I can tell. 

                 I hear daddy crying sometimes at night because he blames himself for Mama getting killed, Daddy sent her to the sick pens to Dr Calves and a bull took Mama down,  I cover Barkus up and go to my room, but stopping at Mama’s closest, and took a dress she wore at her and daddy’s 25th wedding anniversary, I walked into my room, laid down on my bed laid the dress on me and looked at the stars, I was at one time going to New York with Mama …. and we was going to be those high socitey  ladies for one night, but now.. i will be this farm forever. Daddy needs me and i wont let him down.. 




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